Company Profile

Established: 1982
Headquarters: Arbuckle, California
President: David Myers
Markets Served: California Medium and Short Grain Rice, Domestic and Export
Licensing: California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Department of Health Services: Food and Drugs, Colusa County Department of Public Health, California Crop Improvement Association
Industry Organizations: USA Rice Federation Rice Millers Association, California Rice Commission, Rice Research Board, California Warehouse Association

The Heart of California's Rice Industry
California Family Foods' rice milling operation was established in 1995 by longtime rice farming families in Colusa County. Our facility is located in Arbuckle California, the heart of Northern California's 450,000-acre rice growing region.

Rice Mill
Our rice mill processes Medium and Short Grain rice varieties, all of which are grown in Northern California. 80% of our business is domestic rice sold in stores and restaurants. Our customers demand a super premium rice product—one that is the result of strict, consistent quality assurance standards and advanced milling technology. We are proud to be the first California rice mill to obtain Global Standards for Food Safety (GFSI) initiative certification.

Rice Dryer, Storage and Seed Sales
The rice mill is next to our rice dryer and storage facility, which has been in operation since 1982. We dry and store over 2 million cwt of paddy rice each season. California Family Foods also offers several varieties of rice seed, including Foundation, Register and Certified Seed that are available for our growers, as well as grower programs.

Looking Ahead
We continue to invest heavily in equipment for the mill, dyer and storage facilities as well as in job safety training. We value our employees and encourage continuing education as a way in which to develop their talents, initiative and leadership. This commitment will continue into the future.

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