OMIC Standards

OMIC (Overseas Merchandise Inspection Company) is an independent and impartial inspection service for import/export of goods to and from the US, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, the UK, among other countries. OMIC is ISO-certified internationally as well as in the United States. Both the FDA and the USDA have developed guidelines and requirements that all companies must follow. OMIC is up to date with all of these added requirements. Meeting OMIC's standards ensures that California Family Foods will have no quality issues when the product arrives at its destination.

OMIC standards cover all aspects of product quality including:

  • Grade determination: quality of the product packaged and shipped is of the correct customer specification such as US #1-4% or US #1-7%
  • Pesticide residue testing on paddy to meet the requirements of the customer
  • Packaging standards such as bag manufacture and materials used
  • Food labeling accuracy
  • Net quantity accuracy

We value the OMIC inspectors' expertise and welcome their helpful assistance and guidance in helping us achieve success in the export market.