Rice Mill

Total Inventory Storage Space: 80,000 sq ft
Medium and Short Grain Rice

Achieving the highest quality begins with consistent, targeted training for mill equipment, operations and management. All of our mill operators are trained extensively and follow best practice protocols in every area from scheduling to quality assurance to packaging. Equipment-specific training is provided by representatives from the equipment manufacturers. We also seek out third-party guidance and consultation from industry experts in order to refine our operations and problem solving skills. All training classes from computer to equipment to management are led by instructors with over 25 years experience in their industry.

We use Satake vertical milling machines and shelling equipment along with the newest Buhler optical sorters. We meticulously maintain and upgrade machines with the latest technology available.

Quality Assurance
We maintain USDA #1 and OMIC standards and operate according to Global Food Safety Initiative (BRC) ratings criteria. All of our products are certified Kosher.

Out of all the rice mills operating in the United States today, California Family Foods has been consistently recognized as one of the best for: 

  • Cleanliness
  • Mill Layout
  • Quality
  • Operations

This is regularly confirmed by vendors, customers, growers, industry experts and other rice mills.

Operations ~ System Software
Accuracy is paramount to our success. Great emphasis is put on exact numbers, weights and timing. We rely on a state-of-the-art software system that breaks down every step of the milling process 24 hours a day. This tool along with our highly skilled, motivated workforce is an unbeatable combination.