"California Family Foods is one of the most innovative and efficient rice processors in the United States. This is due to a longtime management team of industry experts along with continuous education and quality assurance and sanitation programs par excellence."
—Jack Jarnagin, Applied Milling Systems

"As independent advisors on the domestic rice market, we have had the privilege to work with California Family Foods since they opened their mill in 1997. CFF has consistently met the demands of many industrial food processors by delivering high quality California premium rice. Their dedicated staff works hard to provide service and ensure customers satisfaction."
—John Welisch, President, National Rice Company

"Making a living raising rice is all about making a profit. That's why I'm with California Family Foods. CFF is owned and operated by successful rice farmers. Along with modern drying and rice milling facilities they are able to market my product successfully. CFF has a variety of programs to fit everyone's needs. Green freight is one of the highest in the industry and drying and storage is about in the middle.

California Family Foods does not take advantage of their growers. They don't try to buy them out at a low price knowing in the end the price will be substantially more. They may not always have the highest return, but they are always one of the highest.

Their management and staff is the best in the industry always working together to stay on top of production. This company is doing things right and industry opinion attests to that.

I feel safer and more confident working with people who farm like I do—I know what I have to make to be profitable and wouldn't want to be with anyone else."
—Darrell Pogue, Grower

"It is my opinion that California Family Foods is one of the best operational rice mills in the USA. My opinion comes from tours of rice mills in the southern rice states as well as rice mills in California.

With a PhD in genetics and biochemistry and 34 years working at Rice Researchers, I have developed and managed full scale rice breeding programs, farming and seed production, rice toll milling for proprietary labels controlled by the owners of Rice Researchers.

It has been my observation that California Family Foods is an excellent rice facility for the following reasons:

  • The mill facility is maintained in good to excellent operating condition and is regularly upgraded with the newest technology and most efficient equipment.
  • The mill facility has a high level of sanitation with constant cleaning and painting to minimize attraction points for rodents and grain pests.
  • The mill facility generates high quality finished product (head rice) and second head rice with good accountability of the mill processing.
  • The company specializes in private label business with minimal "in-house label' competition with those they serve.
  • The mill facility maintains a professional staff with the following characteristics:
—Most employees serve with an attitude of ownership, caring for their area as if they owned the company.
—Most employees are specialist in their area of function and appear to be enthusiastic, friendly and consistent.

—C. Lorenzo Pope, PhD, Executive Vice President and CEO, Rice Researchers, Inc.