USDA Standards

The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) "United States Standards for Rice" cover the raw material (Rough Rice or Paddy Rice), brown rice processing and milled rice processing. By-products from the milled rice processing such as 2nd heads and brewer's rice must also meet USDA standards. All USDA standards are defined in terms of grade requirements, which help producers achieve the desired standard according to each customer's request.

They can depend on our competitive pricing and excellent quality and service.

When USDA inspectors come to California Family Foods, they know our products will be in compliance based on their years of experience working with us. We have had 100% success in achieving the US #1-4% quality standard.

USDA mochi

Short Grain Premium Sweet Rice, Milled, pictured above, is also known as sticky rice, waxy rice or mochi rice. Mochi rice, like all of California Family Foods' milled and brown rice products, is US #1-4% quality.