AIB Ratings

Since 1919, AIB International has set the industry standard for food supply chain safety by conducting rigorous inspections and audits of food producers worldwide.

California Family Food's commitment to food safety is equally balanced by our commitment to human safety. AIB International's "Superior" ratings for nine consecutive years ensure that California Family Foods is exceeding the required food safety standards and producing rice of the highest quality year after year.

Food processors must regularly evaluate food safety risks and compliance levels within the criteria of the required standards. The criteria include sound management principles and manufacturing practices, The Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, U.S. Military Sanitary Standards and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

California Family Foods has implemented scheduled, disciplined self-assessment, safety, cleaning, processing and employee training procedures, which are performed many times each day. These programs help to prevent accidents, food contaminations and/or food adulteration during drying and storage, mill processing, packaging and finished good storage.

Audits such as AIB International's are one of the tools that we use to confirm what we already know—we're doing things the right way, and it shows. We take pride in what we do and this is reflected in the superior ratings we consistently receive.